workshop “social capital and political participation of migrants” (5 november 2010)

We inform you that in the frame of the MIS project “Ethnic social capital and its impact on generalised trust and political participation among ethnic minority groups”, we are organizing a one-day workshop on 5 November 2010 (location: Brussels, ULB, Institut de Sociologie).  The day is meant to be an occasion to discuss on the political participation of migrants in European cities with several experts in the field and to present the forthcoming book “Morales, Laura and Marco Giugni (eds.) Social Capital, Political Participation and Migration in Europe. Making Multicultural Democracy Work? Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan”.
Invited people include the authors of the forthcoming book as well as Manlio Cinalli (CEVIPOF, Paris), Mario Diani (University of Trento and Pompeu Fabra Barcelona), Meindert Fennema (IMES, University of Amsterdam),
Jean Tillie (University of Amsterdam), Ana Paula Beja Horta (Portugal).
For organizational purposes, please let us know if you would like to participate by sending an e-mail to germe at confirming your participation.

One response to “workshop “social capital and political participation of migrants” (5 november 2010)

  1. Thanks for informing us of your workshop on social capital in November.

    I would like to inform you of our ourganisation Assist Social Capital and its work ( and of an event taking place in Austria that may be of interest to you and your team. The event will take place from the 29th September to the 1st of August


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