Localmultidem workshop Manchester

The LOCALMULTIDEM project holds a workshop on monday 24 november 2008 in Manchester. A closing conference will be organised in Brussels (in collaboration with ULB) on 28 and 29 January 2009.


For the past three years, a team of scholars of various European universities have been carrying out a comparative study of the civic and political engagement of various migrant-origin gorups in several European cities: the LOCALMULTIDEM project (you will find more information on the project at http://www.um.es/localmultidem/). The project is coming to its end and, with the support of the Research Fund of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Manchester and of the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission, we are organising a symposium at Manchester to present some initial results of the project. All those interested are very welcome to attend (the programme is enclosed below). Please note, that for planning purposes, we need you to confirm if you are going to attend through the booking form that you will find on this website: 


best wishes, 
Laura Morales 

LOCALMULTIDEM SYMPOSIUM Monday 24th November 2008 

Time: 3-6pm. 

Location: University Place, University of Manchester (room to be confirmed). 

_Presentation of the overall project_ 

3.00-3.20: ‘Presentation of the LOCALMULTIDEM project’, Laura Morales 
(University of Manchester). 

3.20-3.40: ‘Studying the Political Opportunity Structures of Migrants’ 
Participation: an illustration with the cases of Geneva and Lyon’, 
Manlio Cinalli (CEVIPOF-CNRS). 

3.40-3.50: Questions and Debate. 

_Presentation of city studies_ 

3.50-4.10: ‘Cosmopolitanism and the politics of belonging in North 
London’, Ranji Devadason (University of Bristol). 

4.10-4.20: Questions and Debate. 

4.20-4.30: Coffee / tea break 

4.30-4.50: ‘The Impact of Voting Rights is Migrants’ Civic and 
Political Engagement: a Comparison of Zurich, Geneva and Neuchâtel’, 
Marco Giugni (University of Geneva) 

4.50-5.00: ‘Civic and political participation by Filipino, Egyptian and 
Ecuadorian migrants in Milan, Katia Pilati (University of Trento) 

5.00-5.10: Questions and Debate. 

5.10-5.30: ‘The political participation and social capital of immigrants 
in Madrid and Barcelona’, Amparo González (CSIC and University Pompeu Fabra) 

5.30-5.50: ‘Patterns of networking among immigrant organisations’, 
Andras Kovats (MTAKI) 

5.50-6.10: Final Questions and Debate.

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